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Click here for Chris's poem on a painting by Modigliani. This poem was commended in the 2009 National Poetry Competition and appears in Chris’s collection ‘A Gash in the Darkness.’

Click here for one of Chris’s most appreciated poems, ‘Coming to Terms’, which many have found helpful in articulating their experience of grief. This is included in ‘Rain falling by the River’.

Click here for a sonnet about the Scottish Highlands. This poem won the Middlesex Sonnet Competition for a poem in a traditional form, and is included in 'Beyond the Bitter Wind'.

Click here for an innovative form - a variant of the sestina in which the three-line summary comes at the beginning rather than the end. This poem is part of 'Easing the Gravity Field'.

Click here for one of Chris's most deeply-felt spiritual poems, based on the image of a palimpsest, a manuscript that has been re-used, perhaps several times, with the previous text scored out but still visible. This is also in 'Beyond the Bitter Wind'.

Click here to read one of Chris's lighter poems, about the toil of writing grant applications

Click here to read six poems for a borrowed Alsatian puppy

To commission a poem from Chris, or to invite him for a reading and/or a workshop please contact him

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