The Groaning of Creation: God, Evolution, and the Problem of Evil [Paperback]

The Groaning of Creation

Pain, suffering, and extinction are intrinsic to the evolutionary process. In this book Christopher Southgate shows how the world that is “very good” is also “groaning in travail” and subjected by God to that travail. Southgate then evaluates several attempts at evolutionary theodicy and argues for his own approach–an approach that takes full account of God’s self-emptying and human beings’ special responsibilities as created co-creators.


Easing the Gravity Field: Poems of Science and Love [Paperback]

Easing the Gravity Field

A volume of poetry. ‘a humorous, quietly celebratory, never didactic, tastefully loving, lucidly thoughtful poet…a book to be enjoyed in all ways’ (William Oxley, Stride);‘He writes of love, loss and faith with a scientist’s precision, and of astronomy, physics and biology with reverence and passion.’ (Frogmore Papers)

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God, Humanity and the Cosmos [Paperback]

God, Humanity and the Cosmos

This work is a fully updated new edition of this best-selling textbook in science and religion. This fully revised and updated edition of “God, Humanity and the Cosmos” includes new chapters on climate change and the new atheism. In addition to a systematic exploration of contemporary perspectives in physics, evolutionary biology and psychology as they relate to theological descriptions of the universe, humanity and consciousness, the book now provides a thorough survey of the theological, philosophical and historical issues underpinning the science-religion debate.


Beyond the Bitter Wind 1982-2000: Poems [Paperback]

Beyond the Bitter Wind

A collection of Chris’s poems dating back to 1982 and including some of his best-known spiritual poems. Of this book Anne Stevenson wrote that: ‘It is Southgate’s passion, his poetry’s uncompromising quest for love at any cost, that brings to mind the poetry of George Herbert’ (Other Poetry).

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